Frequently asked questions

What is "Hydrodipping"?

Hydrodipping is a customization technique that allows us to adhere printed designs to all kinds of products. It can be used on just about any type of non-porus material that can be submerged. You can also check out What is Hydrodipping?

What can I have dipped?

Anything that can be submerged and isn't too large for our facility to handle. Wood, metal, plastic, glass, ect. can all be dipped. We handle everything from firearms/guns to coolers. If you have something specific that you are interested in having dipped but are unsure if it will work with our process reach out to us via our Contact page.

How long will the dip last?

The dipping process is finished off with a sealant that is similar to what is used in the automotive and marine industry. It is strong and durable. However as we dip many different materials, finishes, and products of varying use, the finish on your items may wear over time.

Can items be reprinted/redipped?

Of course! When redipping an item we will remove the previous dip and finish to ensure your new hydrographics adhere properly for the highest quality.

What can I do to keep my graphics looking new?

Graphics are sealed using a clear coat that is similar to that used in the automotive industry. Most parts can be cleaned using water and a mild soap and/or automotive detailer. However, due to the variety of the products we customize we recommend spot testing any cleaning product in a non conspicuous location first.

How long does the process take?

We typically have a 2-3 week lead time on new orders, this lead time may be in additon to shipping time. For large or complex orders, this time may need to be increased.

What kinds of patterns do you have?

We have a wide variety of patterns in stock and work with many suppliers to find new and exciting patterns all the time. You can check out our Hydrographic Film List to see a sampling of some of the common hydrographics we offer, but if you don't see what you are looking for feel free to Contact us and we will gladly reach out to our suppliers to try and meet your needs.

Do I need to bring/send parts disassembled?

Sending parts disassembled reduces the risk of your product being damaged in the mail, so we recommend disassembly. We can offer disassembly services for an additonal fee in some cases. Please contact us for more details on your order if you feel you will need disassembly services.

Can you dip guns/firearms?

Through our partnership with FFL licenced Advanced Armanents we are able to offer dipping services on firearms and accessories. Special requirements and conditons may apply.

Are there any special requirements for dipping gun parts?

When shipping firearm parts and/or accessories please be sure to follow all state and federal laws. We recommend that you only send parts you want customized. Please make sure correct parts are sent. Firearms requiring dissasembly will be charged a fee for these services. Please do not send ammunition or loaded firearms.