Gun Range

Advanced Armaments LLC is proud to welcome members and visitors to our 25 ft indoor shooting range. 

The range is climate controlled and features its own HVAC and filtration system to keep you comfortable and to help alleviate gun smoke. 


Our range is ideal for handguns, but is rated to accommodate AR and rifle use as well.


The largest handgun round allowed in the range is up to 50AE. The largest rifle round allowed is a 7.62 x 39.

All long guns used must purchase our ammunition. 

No shotguns or shotgun ammunition allowed.


No Steel ammunition, Bi-Metal Jacket, Hollow Point, Reloads, Wolf, Tula, or Bear Brands are permitted in the range. Anyone using steel core ammunition will be charged for damages incurred.


Handgun ammunition will be subject to inspection prior to use on the range. 


The range consists of 7 indoor lanes each with its own electric target retrieval system.  The back-stop is made of ballistic rubber panels that have a textured surface on both sides to allow the panel to be "flipped" and seat with the panels adjacent to it. This safety feature prevents gapping at the seams where rounds can escape control. This design also minimizes waste, where a section can merely flip over to fit in another area of the ballistic control system. The rubber allows the bullets to pass through it and then strike a hard surface. Then its energy and original shape are lost so it safely comes to rest between the rubber and the hard steel surface.


To rent a firearm, you must be 21 years of age or older, except for active duty military and law enforcement with valid photo ID. 


For a complete listing of range rules click here.


Lane Rentals



$16 per half hour

$32 per hour


$10 per half hour

$20 per hour

For Pricing on Memberships please visit our Services Page

Gun Rentals

In addition to Lane Rental



$15 per hour



$20-$25 per hour